Pastor Bill (and Colleen) Chamberlin

I feel I have the most rewarding job a person could have! As an Assemblies of God ordained minister, I get to help people discover who they are to God and then see their gifts develop as they follow Him in changing our world. To me, that is what our name – Bridge Church – is all about. God built a bridge to us through His Son Jesus Christ, and with Him as my model, my joy is to help people build bridges that connect all aspects of their lives to God and that connect our church to our community.

Being connected to God has always been of highest importance to Colleen and me, as we decided early in our marriage to make Jesus our foundation. The most significant way we keep Him as our foundation is through prayer. Prayer is a passion of mine because it puts me into deep personal relationship with God. I am blessed to have a family who has seen firsthand that Jesus is our help at all times and that prayer impacts every situation.

If you are interested in joining us as we build and strengthen the bridges between us and God and us and our community, please do not hesitate to contact me or to be our guest on a Sunday morning.

 ~Pastor Bill, Senior Pastor